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Get your nails done with confidence

Our customers' safety and health is our top priority, and we take that very seriously. We guarantee all metal tools used in any service are sanitized after each appointment and/ service.

Disposable files, buffers, manicure sticks and any other materials used in any service will be either disposed of after its completion, stored under your name for your next visit (yes we're as green as broccoli). You are more than welcome to take them home if you wish.

Our pedicure spas are pipeless. So pipeless just means that the whirlpool jet doesn't use any pipes which are impossible to clean and sanitize which then become a disgusting, messy trap for bacteria. With a pipeless pedicure chair, dead skin cells and bacteria are easily removed, keeping germs and bacteria from affecting you the client through contamination of the chair's water system. Long story're safe with us!

Hygiene: About Us
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