Let's talk covid!

Get your nails done with confidence

We took hygiene very seriously prior to COVID, and currently we have decided to double our efforts.

We have put together a strict disinfection procedures where we:

  • Wash & double disinfect our tools using PREempt CS 20 then Zap them in a UV sterilizer.

  • Use PREempt Concentrate to clean the pedicure sinks.

  • Clean our pedicure and manicure stations are cleaned using MedGarda CV19 Shield – 2 In 1 Disinfectant & Bacteria Shield that will be performed before and after your appointment.

  • Will be wearing masks and our clients will be required to wear their masks. We also provide masks for $2 each.

  • Use use new disposable items like gloves files, buffers and orange sticks once only for each client.

  • Have installed plexiglass separating clients from service providers.

With Vixin you're in good hands!